Skinned Tigernuts tubers

Skinned Tigernuts tubers


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Skinned Tigernuts tubers

This plant from the Poaceae (grasses) family is known as the gift of the pharaohs. It is also called the plant of survival because by eating 30 grams of its tubers growing in the ground every day, people can obtain most of their daily need of nutrients and vital substances. The cleaned tubers are skinned (peeled) with special and unique technology thus removing the shell which contains phytate and phytic acid. During the skinning process we regulate the fibre content of the tubers to an ideal level of 4 – 6 %.

The pleasant almond-like flavour of the skinned tubers is much more enjoyable than the flavour of the shelled tubers. The cookies, breads and pastries made from skinned tuber products are much softer and crumblier. Despite their high fibre content they are easier to digest than the cookies made from the shelled tubers.

Tigernuts are only similar to nuts (almonds) by the name, the truth is that they have nothing in common. They are so much different that people with nuts and almond allergies can consume Tigernuts and people with autoimmune allergies can replace cereal flours with it.

Tigernuts are not recommended to be pressed because of their high oil content and ideal composition of oleic acid. These oils comprise their beneficial properties. What is left over of Tigernuts during the cold pressing process, just like in the case many other cereal flours, is a nutrient of a much lower value.

Tigernuts tubers are perfect for making milk. The plant milk made from them (horchata) is a special national drink in Spain.

They are a rich functional nutrient, a significant part of paleo, vegan, LCFH, diabetes and other reform diets.

Contents of 100 grams of the product:

Fat: 25 – 30 g

From this:

Saturated fatty acid: 1.5 g


Omega6 fatty acid: 11 – 13 %

Oleic acid: 70 – 72 %

Energy: 430 – 500 Kcal

Total carbohydrate: 45 – 48 g


From this sugar: 16 – 19 g

Raw fibre content: 7 – 10 g

Protein: 5 – 6 g

Starch: 25 – 27 g


Moisture: 5 – 7 %

Peeled Tigernuts tubers

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