Peeled tigernuts crumbs

Peeled tigernuts crumbs


Product Description

Peeled (skinned) tigernuts crumbs

Eggs are often called perfect ’bio-capsules’ among nutrients of animal origin coming after the most valuable nutrient; mother’s milk. Among plant originated nutrients Tigernuts (chufa, cyperus esculentus) have the same quality. The plant was already known in Ancient Egypt and its tubers growing in the ground were widely used, and still have been used, in medicine and as food.

In many places they are called the plant of survival because a daily amount of 30 grams of Tigernuts suffice to cover our daily need of nutrients and vital substances.

Its consumption is advantageous for those who suffer from allergies to different nuts and almonds. It is also a good alternative to replace cereal flours for those people who suffer from autoimmune condition. Its relatively high fibre content makes carbohydrate and sugar absorption slow therefore it is recommended for patients with diabetes.

The washed Tigernuts tubers are peeled (skinned) with a special and unique technology. It removes the shell which contains phytate and phytic acid which may cause a feeling of discomfort after consumption. While the tubers are skinned, their fibre content is regulated to an ideal level of 4-6 %. Pressing is not recommended because Tigernuts have a high oil content and an ideal oil acid composition which comprise their beneficial properties.

What is left over of Tigernuts during the cold pressing process, just like in the case of many other cereal flours, is a nutrient of a much lower value. The pleasant flavour of the skinned Tigernuts, a little similar to almonds, is much more enjoyable than the flavour of shelled tubers. The cookies, breads and pastries made from the milling products of the skinned tubers are softer and crumblier than the ones made from the shelled products. Moreover, despite their high fibre content, they are easier to digest.

During the milling process of the skinned tubers different sized products are produced. They are separated and categorized by sieving. Tigernuts crumbs are a rougher fraction. They are absolutely suitable for frying coated meats, vegetables and mushrooms etc. They are very similar to regular breadcrumbs. Tigernuts have a much richer content and a more reasonable price than regular almonds. It is a rich functional nutrient which is a significant part of paleo, vegan, LCHF, diabetes and other reform and special diets.

Contents in 100 grams of the product:

Fat: 25-30 g

From this:

Saturated fatty acid: 1.5 g


Omega6 fatty acid: 11-13 %

Oleic acid: 70-72 %

Energy: 480-500 Kcal

Total carbohydrate: 46-48 g


From this sugar: 18-19 g

Raw fibre content: 6-8 g

Protein: 5-6 g

Starch: 24-26 g

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